Being a mum entrepreneur who owns your own business lets you enjoy the perks of being able to make your own schedule of doing things. Although it’s good that you have control over most things, this can be quite troublesome for those who are not good at managing their time as well as resources. That is why, as a busy mum who also has to take care of the needs of the house, you should know how to master the art of working smart to help you finish a lot things despite limitations. So how do you do that? Here are some tips that you can follow.

Make a List of Things To Avoid.

Making a list of things to do is a good thing but this makes us prone to bad habits as we do not notice them that much most of the time. Making a list of things to avoid such as bad habits like munching something always or taking a lot of naps even breaks and also doing redundant tasks that can be outsourced are examples of things that you should not waste your time in doing.

Set Your Priorities. Decide What Is Important and what is not.

Setting your priorities helps you have a more peaceful mind at the end of the day since you know that what are left to do are the least important ones. You should also be able to discern what are needed to be done, what you can delete from your list of to-do’s and what you can delegate to someone else. This way, you can exhaust all your efforts in doing the most important stuff.

Avoid Doing Many Things at the Same Time.

Doing many things all at once won’t make you productive. Instead it will cause you to make poor decisions and lackluster results since you are not giving one hundred percent of your attention and skills in doing the things that need to be done. Try to allot time for each task and just focus working on that same task the whole duration of the allotted time. You will be surprised with the result as well as how fast you are able to finish it.

Ask Help.

Asking for help never bites you. Instead, it offers the possibility of speeding up the process of what you are currently doing. If there is someone you think is more capable than you in doing something, ask them to help you rather than spending double the amount of time only to end up with poor results.


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