To achieve a successful business, you need to have a wide network of peer and acquaintances that will serve as your support system while you are trekking the tough and rocky road of entrepreneurship. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one hence doing everything yourself is not the best way to go around every business crisis. Know your mum friends better and see if they have skills that can help you in your business. Conversely, offering your own skills to return the favor is a great means of fair trade that will build stronger ties with the people around you.

Win-Win Advertising

Knowing the strengths of your mum friends as well as yours can boost your business capabilities. It will also save you a lot of time and money if your friends are experts and are giving you lesser cost for their services. If you got a friend who knows how to build a website, you can ask for her service and help you build your own website for your business. In return, she can advertise her skills by adding credits to her in your website plus a discounted service fee.

If you got a friend that runs a printing press, she can help supply your printing and publication needs in promoting your business. For example, you are running a restaurant; your friend can provide printed paper napkins or paper mats. They can also help in preparing your printed paper cups. In return, you advertise their services by telling your customers whenever they ask where you get them printed.

Team Up and Grow Together

If you are a photographer and your mum friend is a makeup artist and hairstylist, you can ask her to partner up with you so both of you can promote and benefit from each other’s repertoire of skills and be able to capture amazing photos for your clients. You can then offer package deals of your services for special occasions such as weddings, festivities as well as photo-shoots f or other business. If you know someone who make dresses and other fashion items, then you can build a modeling agency once you have established your names in the fashion industry.

Expand Your Horizon

Trading skill sets is not limited to two individuals only. If you have a friend who is looking for a specific expertise outside of your skill set, but you know a person or two who can help, doing referrals can be beneficial as it widens your network of people. When the time comes that you’re the one on the search, that friend of yours could be more than willing to help you out.

There are so many things you can do with your business-minded friends. Even the most annoying friend who keeps on criticizing your business, as long they are constructive and with good intentions, can help you improve your services. Share your ideas with them and let them share their ideas with you. Brainstorm on how each of you can benefit with each other’s skills.


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