As a mum entrepreneur, starting up your own business requires a lot of things and each of these requirements also has its own set of checklist to worry about. One such requirement is setting up your own brand which will serve as the face of your business. Creating a brand is no easy task as it involves a lot of process such as designing your brand’s logo, deciding what color scheme to apply and formulating what tag line to use in your campaign. However, it still stands that the most important thing to consider is the brand name.

Make Up an Great Brand Name

Brand names can be as sophisticated as a catchy word formed by the initials of the elements that describe your business or as simple as any object that you see right now which is a bit random in describing your products or services. However, put in mind that a brand name is a magic word that could either make people interested in whatever your business is offering or become doubtful of it. If you are afraid that brand names that came out of nowhere won’t sell, then you can follow simple guidelines to put you on track. First, your brand name must be easy, if not very easy, to remember by your target customers. It should shout the type of image you want your business to project. For example, if you are selling coffee then you can combine coffee related words or initials that will let a potential customer get the idea that you are selling coffee. It should also be unique to avoid trademark lawsuits and don’t forget to process the legalities to avoid others from stealing your ideas.

Design Your Brand’s Logo

A logo is a graphic representation of the brand name. Without it, your brand becomes dull and not worth checking. If you chose a lame design then it’s all the same. Your brand’s logo should be pleasing to the eye as well as sparking a sense of curiosity amongst your potential customers. It should also depict a general idea of your products and services.

Choose a Good Color Scheme

Color scheme is important as it will become the basis of what colors your designer should use in making the logo. It will also be used in choosing the right paints in your establishments including the decorations inside your offices. It will also be used in making flyers, catalogues and advertisements as well as in creating the website for your company. That is why you should pick the best color scheme that fits perfectly with your business.

Catchy Tag Line

A good tag line makes people want to try your services as they anticipate to experience what the tag line is suggesting. It summarizes the things that your business can offer making it a very important aspect in creating an awesome brand. Choose a tag line that fits perfectly with what you want to tell people about your business. It can also suggest an action, where someone has to do something, which in turn will involve using your products.


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