Many mum entrepreneurs lack the time to spend for exercises to make their body fit and healthy. This can result to unwanted health risks later on. That can be avoided though by following these three simple lifestyle habits that you can adopt which minimize health risks associated with entrepreneurship.

Eat Well

Eating well is imperative knowing that it is the main reason why we want to become entrepreneurs in the first place. We work to be able to eat three times a day and that reason alone is enough to justify the need to prioritize how we eat, what we eat and when we eat. Choose healthy food for sustenance. Avoid too much calories and fats as it will drag your energy down. If there are times that you crave for unhealthy foods then go for it but remember to moderate the amount you will eat. You should also make sure that you eat the three major meals the same time each day. That means, if you like to eat your breakfast at 6am then your next breakfast meals should be eaten around the same time. Never skip your meals as your body will lose its balance in regulating its functions. Also try to eat healthy snacks in between meals. This helps keep your metabolism up. Avoid sweets as well as high calorie snacks as too much sugar won’t be utilized by your body and will only be transformed to fats which can result to unwanted weight gains.

Park Your Car Far From Your Office

Walking is one of those simple exercises that offer a lot of benefits especially to those who don’t want to go to gym or perform rigorous exercises. Parking your car a block away from your office will allow your body to get a bit of exercise which in turn helps you feel more energetic. It also helps in getting rid of stress and makes you feel motivated. Walking everyday also helps keep your bones and muscles healthy and strong. It also promotes good blood circulation as well as a healthy heart and helps moderate your body’s sugar level.

Stand Up

Sitting up all day proves to be one of most unhealthy habits of people working in office as suggested by a lot of studies. It makes most part of your body inactive which pose great risks in developing heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. It is a habit now associated with smoking and if you are spending most of your day sitting then you might want to reconsider that and try for other alternative positions while working. One good alternative to sitting is standing. Alternating sitting and standing is actually a good way to ward off the effect of sitting all day. Standing burns more calories than sitting and it also helps in promoting a better blood circulation. It also serves as a mild cardio exercise for your heart as it exerts more effort in distributing the blood throughout your body.


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