Are you worried about what could happen to your business after it recently went into a sudden recoil? Do you feel some sort of insecurity towards other mum entrepreneurs thus affecting your confidence? If so then take a pause. Ask yourself if worrying will answer all the problems that you are having at the moment. The answer is no right? You will notice that it will only exhaust all your energy leaving you feeling hopeless thus affecting your mental health. But how can you cope up with dilemmas as a working mum?

Wake Up Each Day Being Grateful.

As simple as counting all the blessings that you have can lift someone’s mood after waking up in the morning. Look at your loving husband and beautiful kids. Find happiness in the fact that you are eating enough each day and that you have a place to live in and you’ve got clothes to wear. Let the smiles of your loved ones give you strength as you go through the rest of the day. Think of those times that you have nothing and what you have now and it will surely put a smile on your face knowing that despite all the problems that you have, you are still there, strong as ever.

Relax and Breath.

Every time you are under stress and pressure, a quick remedy is to just relax and take a deep breath and let go of all your thoughts for a brief amount of time. It’s a simple act of meditation that will help your mind reset which in turn can help your body address the hormonal imbalances caused by depression and anxieties. Learn to let go of negative thoughts and think of happy memories to recharge your energy while relaxing and ‘feeling’  your breath.

Get Active. Do Exercises.

It is no secret that exercise can help your mind and body become fit. It helps improve your outlook as well as your mood. It also helps alleviate the effects of depression and anxieties. When sweating out, your body produces endorphins which stimulate your brain to feel good. Try to do it with your husband and kids to develop a better relationship with them. It will also help you remember the things that truly make you happy and make that as your inspiration. Don’t let your problems drag you down. Let go of it!

Take Care Of Yourself.

Thinking too much of how to make your business bigger makes you forget why you are working in the first place. That is to earn a living enough to sustain the needs of you and your family and to give a brighter future for your kids. But what good is that if you end up spending all that you have earned to pay hospital bills? Never forget to take care of yourself. Eat good food, get enough rest, spend time with your love ones and be happy!


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