As a working mum that spends much of her time at work, compromising your sleep is not an option. Sleep is a vital part of our system that helps us fuel the energy we need for the next day. It also helps our body repair broken tissues as well as in balancing our hormones and resetting our overall bodily activities. To help you in assuring that you get the most out of your sleep, here is a list of some of the things that you should avoid before going to bed.

Drinking Too Much Wine

Some people who find it hard to sleep suggest that getting a few sips of wine can help you get into a good night sleep. Although moderate drinking may be helpful in most cases, drinking too much alcohol can actually affect your whole sleeping pattern leaving you feeling exhausted as you wake up. Too much alcohol before going to sleep can put you into deep sleep without undergoing the usual first stage of sleep which is rapid eye movement sleep or REM. When the effects of the alcohol start to wear off, your body goes back to REM state which makes you more vulnerable to waking up not long after you went to sleep. Drinking too much alcohol can limit the number of REM cycles, which is usually six to seven, to just two.

Watching Television

TV shows and movies stimulate your mind so much that as you go to sleep, some part of the shows and the movies cling to your thoughts making it even harder to sleep. Disturbing shows and horror movies can cause a lot of anxieties which can eat much of your needed sleep. It can also trigger unwanted dreams that can wake you up in the middle of the night, thus affecting your sleeping pattern.


Avoid browsing the internet 30 minutes before you go to sleep. There are so many things that are happening on the internet that immersing your mind into it, before hitting the sack, is a very bad idea. It has the same effects of watching television plus the light of your computer’s monitor can affect your eyes thus making it hard to sleep for some people.

Reading a Horror or Suspense Novel

Some people love to read books before going to sleep. They say that it helps them become sleepy thus aiding them to sleep in no time. However, there are genres of books that you should avoid reading before going to sleep such as horror or suspense novels. These types of books not only bring discomfort but also promote anxieties and nightmares which can disrupt your circadian rhythm.


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