How we eat and what we eat can either make or break us yet many entrepreneur mums who spend most of their time running their business give less importance to those two factors about eating. What many people don’t know is that eating is an art, and like art, each has their own style, a sense of inclination or preference. But why can’t many of us make our eating habit right? It is really simple. It is because we let ourselves get influenced easily with the results of all the so called studies and with all the suggestions of what are good and what are bad foods. The point is that, there is really no good or bad food, unless of course what you are eating is poisonous which is out of context already. To say it differently, as long as it is edible and safe to eat, then that is good. However, most of our decisions are based on the food itself and not what our body and taste buds are craving for.  But how is eating anything edible the right way if some food can pose potential harm to our body?

A lot of entrepreneur mums reprimand others telling them not to eat a specific food saying that it can bring down their energy and make them unhealthy or make them fat. Although some food are not a healthier choice than the others, punishing yourself by not satisfying your cravings Is equally unhealthy as it affects you emotionally and mentally which could later on disrupt how you run your business. Do you want to eat fries for dinner? Do you want to grab a bag of chips during your office break? Then go for it, however there is a catch. Eat with Moderation. You heard it right. The key to eating the right way is moderation. Have you ever tried to crave for lots of chocolate and then after making your first few bites you realize that the taste is all really what you wanted and those few bites are enough? Eating a lot of chocolates is just a show of self-compulsion. There are times when you already think that you are already starting to lose the pleasure of eating it yet you still convince yourself that that is what you want.  Eating the right way is the ability to control your urges. If you want to eat pizza then go for it, however do not let your urges control how much you eat. Buy small sizes enough to let your taste buds savor the flavor of the food you wanted. If you are unable to order small ones, you can buy bigger ones and just get a small portion and give the rest to others who want it.


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