Being a mom entrepreneur does not only revolve around the idea of building financial stability. Although it is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors that lead mothers to venture into business, there are more meaningful reasons behind every working mom’s plight into the field of entrepreneurship. There’s also a strong sense of self-fulfillment that comes from success. Motivating oneself to become a better parent and a person as a whole can be powerful enough to influence mothers to embrace the world of business. But as ideal as it is, how does a mother turn into a successful businesswoman? What are the things that a mom should and shouldn’t do in every business undertaking to succeed? There’s no better way to get answers from these questions than by asking successful mom entrepreneurs – those who have already came a long way and climbed their way up the industry. Here are quite useful advices from successful mom entrepreneurs that starters can learn and adopt for their own business strategy.

Get Rid of Toxic Influences

Lisa Stone, co-founder of BlogHer, advises aspiring mums to stay away from people who are toxic. If you are already in an environment full of toxic people who bring down your confidence, do yourself a favor and get rid of them from your life by living in a fresh environment. If it is impossible, then develop resistance to whatever they say, and do other things that will lighten your mood.

Invite Your Kids To Your Business

The founder of “Fleurty Girl”, Lauren Thom, advises moms to include their family in running their business. When making decisions, ask your kids about fresh ideas and let them help you in running your business. The success of the business is a success for the family.

Find an Inspiration and Put Serious Efforts

Melissa Kieling, a mother of three, found it hard at first to set up her own business for fear that her limited knowledge won’t do any good. However, it did not hinder her to pursue her dreams. Her advice to new mom entrepreneurs is to look for an inspiration and put serious efforts in making it a reality. Look for ways to address your lack of experience. Overcome your fears by reaching out to others who can help you learn ways in making your business succeed.

Be Optimistic

This is a very common advice and we all know that being positive in your endeavors can provide surprising results. Natalie Angelillo, CEO of swopboard is one of those that emphasize optimism as a way to make better decisions as well as defeating stress in the process. She said to let go of any guilt as a parent and focus on the positive aspects instead.


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