Stress has really become a major concern for working mums and it really affects how you handle every situation.  There are so many things that can cause stress such as working for longer period than what is necessary, trying to commit to too many roles, drop in sales and some employee-related problems. Once you are soaked into more than enough of it, your health will suffer and you will experience different kinds of symptoms that will affect your decision making as well as your relationship towards your family. Without addressing the cause, you might find yourself in a life-threatening condition later on.

You Find It Hard To Sleep

The habit of thinking about many things before going to sleep will make you restless and irritable. As you continue this habit, you will find it hard to sleep at night as your brain won’t stop worrying about issues related to work and family. Without fixing this habit, you can develop insomnia and could even result into something worse. Try not to worry always especially if you are about to go to bed. Worrying won’t help you fix the issues but sleeping peacefully can help you make the right decisions as you wake up the next day.

You Still Feel Tired As You Wake Up

Mums that suffer from stress usually feel tired even after a whole night of sleep. The cause might be because of too much worrying. Thinking too much about your worries and fears before you sleep can cause nightmares. It can also make you very sensitive to external factors, causing you to wake up frequently in the middle of the night. This consumes a lot of your energy hindering your body to fully recover the energy you lost from the previous day.

Belly Fats

Stress lowers your metabolic rate decreasing your body’s ability to burn fats fast. You also tend to crave sweet foods to try to lift your mood. Although sweets can sometimes do the magic, eating too much sugary foods will make you feel tired most of the time. It can also make you feel dizzy and nervous due to a sudden drop in blood glucose after your pancreas produces high amount of insulin to negate the amount of sugar taken.

Mood Swings

Mums who are experiencing stress are often irritable and easily get frustrated. If you are feeling that way, take a break from whatever you are doing and go get some fresh air. Look for something that will entertain you and just stop worrying about anything.


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