Trying to setup priorities as a working mum, while not forgetting to give something for yourself, is hard especially if your work demands a lot of your time and dedication. Although it requires a lot more effort than being a housewife, it doesn’t mean that it is not doable. It does, however, require you to learn advance management skills to improve your ability to decide things that benefit you and your family. One of these is time management, which is a key to a healthier relationship with your family and work.

Where’s my list?

Many of us underestimate the convenience of having a list of things to be done for the day. Have you ever tried to go to the grocery store without a list, and as you went home, realize that you forgot a lot of goods that you were thinking to buy earlier? It’s frustrating right? What about bills that are almost due and you panic on the due date sacrificing some things just to be able to pay? There are lots of examples that show how these situations could have been avoided by having a simple list. Every night, before going to bed, make it a habit of going over all the things you want to be done the next day and make a list out of it. As much as possible, do not do it after you wake up, since your thoughts of going to work in an hour might affect your decisions in making the list, making you forget important ones sometimes. Having a list will also take away your worries of stuff that you might have forgotten as you call it a night after work. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about your priorities for the day. If there are important things that pop up in your mind, you can just add them to the list as you go through your daily routine.

My phone is my best friend.

We’ve been continually upgrading the convenience that technology has to offer and one of the greatest gadget ever invented are the smartphones. Using your smartphone to map out the area near your workplace will help you determine the best route to the nearest grocery store, ATM machines, banks, health institutions and cafeteria. It can also help you check weather reports, traffics, sales and a lot more which will help you plan ahead. You can also use your phone to make the list instead of tucking a piece of paper somewhere. You can save time by making orders through a phone, check and pay bills, as well checking status of your mails and packages, etc.

It’s break time.

Most of us who are working in an office get delighted when the clock strikes break time, telling us that it’s time to go grab our lunch or sip a cup of coffee and do other stuff unrelated to work. Though many of us spend the time sitting idly, it is a wise decision to optimize the remaining time by doing other relevant activities. You can spend it to do quick errands such as buying groceries and household materials or do other stuff that you think you can squeeze in in your remaining break time.

Help me.

There are things that we cannot do alone, and asking for help will speed up whatever we are doing. If you and your husband has a common spare time, go over with your list and see if there are stuff your husband can help you with. Help each other and promote a better life for you and your family.


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