Are you one of those do-it-yourself mums who perform their own spa services to themselves? If yes then you already have an answer to the question of what type of business you can set up for your very first venture to entrepreneurship. As we all know, there are a lot of women who go to the spa each morning to have their facials, pedicures, manicures and other body treatments that give them more confidence for the rest of the day. To be able to capitalize the demand of such services, setting up your very own spa is a good idea. However, not all mums can afford to set up their own salon. Because of this, mums who have the skills can instead choose to start a mobile spa business instead.

Reasons to Start a Mobile Spa Business

Setting up your own mobile spa business doesn’t require a lot of money to start and you also don’t have to hire people to help you. You only need your skills and your very own set of equipment to use for the services that you are offering. You can even ask the customers to provide the bowls or basins to use for the service so you will only be bringing your beauty products and small equipment that fits into a bag. Your income depends on how much customers you want to take each day so if you want to earn more, then serve more by going house to house.  This helps you make a name for yourself which can help establish credibility later on when you decide to build an establishment. Mobile spa also offers flexibility to your time as you can choose when to work and where. This gives you a lot of time to tend to the needs of your family. It also offers a sense of independence which is one of the reasons why you start the business in the first place as well as a sense of satisfaction as you are using your very own skills to earn a living.

Building Your Clientele

Getting your first set of customers is really not that hard. You only need confidence and the ability to sell your skills to others. People who always stay at home should be your target customers. They most likely are working at home and don’t have the time to go to a spa. Old people who like to spend the day at home would most likely love to avail your services. You can also try to offer your services to disabled people who find it hard to go to a spa on their own.

Get the Most Out Of Your Mobile Spa

Offering spa services doesn’t mean that you will limit yourself to that. Make it an opportunity to sell beauty products to your clients. Talk to them and explain why the products you are selling are good while you are giving them the spa services that they seek. It will help you earn extra cash  without spending too much effort.


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