Depression is a serious psychological condition that makes a person feel hopeless and sometimes pathetic. It can result to mood swings that can affect how you handle your business as well as your relationship towards your loved ones.  Depression is a common condition among entrepreneur mums and not all are able to cope up with its effects very well. Here are some possible causes of depression that you should know so you will have an idea on how to prevent it.


A lot of people get easily irritated by hot weather but some tend to become emotional especially during winter. The cold weather makes you think of all the problems and anxieties you have which can develop into depression. SAD or seasonal affective disorder is a common type of depression that affects about 6 percent of the world’s population.  It is a seasonal type of depression that occurs any time of the year depending on how the seasons influence the person’s mood. Although most cases are mild, severe cases had to undergo therapy and medication to alleviate the effects.


Some studies show that underactive thyroid glands can cause some form of depression to the afflicted person. Low production of thyroid hormones, thyroxine and thriidothyronine by the thyroid glands can cause fatigue, weakness, weight gain, abnormal menstrual cycles and irritability which can all contribute to depression. If you feel such symptoms, you must consult your physician for immediate treatment.

Lack of Sleep

Too much time spent on your business can compromise your sleeping pattern. Learn how to manage your time and don’t bring your work to bed. Let go of all thoughts about all the problems related to your business and relax. Don’t exhaust yourself and always make sure that you sleep at least 7 hours a day. If you are unable to sleep right away, you can ask your physician about natural methods that can help you.

Addiction to Technology

Many of us nowadays have become very reliant to technology especially on computers and the internet. Although it offers lot of advantages, there are some who get addicted to it and spend most of their time surfing, chatting and dilly dallying on social media. Since many people are sharing problems as well as successes on social media, mums who are sensitive can easily be affected by such things. They will tend to compare their life to others and become emotional because of their failures which limit their capacity to explore more of what they can do.

Bad Neighborhood

A bad neighborhood can be a nightmare to working mums. It affects their sense of security and will add up to stress. They become paranoid with small incidents fearing that something worse will happen. If you think your neighborhood is not healthy for you and your family, consider moving to other place.


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