Work stereotypes cannot be avoided especially when we talk about gender-based positions that can easily shift society’s way of thinking. This is very true for entrepreneur mums whom a lot of people associate to a list of misconceptions. These wrong ideas may not directly harm a mum entrepreneur’s business or private life, but these can still make them an easy target for judgmental and hypocritical eyes around us. To avoid getting mislead in this matter, here are the explanations to some of the common misconceptions associated to being a mum entrepreneur.

We Work Because It Is Needed

Although a lot of mums are forced to find a good source of income because their husband’s salary is not enough, this is not usually the case for many successful mum entrepreneurs. One reason why mum entrepreneurs venture into business is because, they just want the best for the future of their kids. It also helps them get the most out of their talents as they reach for their dreams. Being a mum entrepreneur for some is not a responsibility, but an outlet to utilize one’s creativity and passion.

Our Life Is Miserable and We Miss Our Kids

Successful entrepreneurs treat their business as a hobby and never did it become a hindrance to their happiness. They find fulfillment in what they are doing since they are passionate about it and their business is built from the things that make them happy. Although there are situations when they have to compromise some time for their kids, mums who are good at managing their time are able to squeeze in a few minutes to see their kids during lunch breaks and even eat with them while trying to catch up with the latest events that happened in their kids’ lives.

Our Kids Get Sick Frequently

People think that entrepreneur mums have no time for their kids thus making their kids prone to diseases because of negligence on the part of the mother.  Most successful entrepreneur mums know how to balance their time between work and family. They also know how to spend quality time with their kids by helping them in their assignments after their work and are able prepare them healthy breakfast and dinner meals. Some mums find it hard at first but you must remember responsible mum should always be willing to sacrifice a part of her career to ensure that their kids get the best care that they need. If you are not around, you can always bring your kids to a day care center to have someone supervise the welfare of your kids.

We Spend Our Lunches with Our Employees

Although it is important to build a good relationship to your employees, most successful entrepreneur mums use their lunch time to check their kids and see if they are okay. Some even set up lunch dates with their family so that they won’t miss any important things and to maintain a strong bond with their loved ones. Although there are times that they are forced to eat in their offices, they are always ready to respond if their child need their presence. Some mums also use this time to buy some groceries and other needed household items.


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