It has always been a serious matter for mum entrepreneurs when it comes to choosing a baby sitter for their kids. After all, the welfare of the kids should be the top priority when mums go to work. However, choosing a baby sitter is not an easy task. It requires careful consideration in many aspects, sometimes including things that don’t concern the kids, like doing small errands here and there. You will also have to set basic qualifications, conduct interviews and thorough background check of the candidates. After narrowing them down to a few, make sure that you will be making the right choice by reviewing the following things.

Checking References

Now that you have a few candidates that make it to your final list, you have to review again their references and do some background checks not only on the baby sitters themselves but also to those that referred them to you. Know where they live, their family background, police records and other things that you think is necessary to ensure the security of your kids and your family as a whole.

Review Answers during the Interview Process

Check the answers given by the candidates during the interview. Who gave the most favorable answers? Who gave answers that might become problematic? There are some baby sitters who exhibit some sort of rebellious answers to some questions and, depending on the questions, rebellious attitude can be quite an issue.

Consider the Needs of Your Kids

Babysitting is not an easy task. The sitter should basically be able to act like a mom, who can address the needs of the kids when their mum is not around. Baby sitters should be able to do other things like, being able to cook simple dishes whenever the kids are hungry while their mums are not home yet. Being playful is also a common quality of a good baby sitter. The person should also have a high amount of patience as well as tolerance to your kid’s “naughtiness”.

Trust Your Mum Instincts

There are times that despite being able to ace all the qualifications for a baby sitter, your gut tells you that the person is not the right one for the job. The decision should already be obvious, and that’s follow what your gut tells you. There might be some things you’ve missed but didn’t escape your subconscious mind which could give you that eerie feeling of hiring the wrong person.


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