Whether you like it or not, your office is your refuge away from home and most likely will be the second place where you’ll spend the most of your time thinking and sorting out stuff. A neat office promotes a calm mind which in turn helps you make good decisions in dealing with your business. Cluttered office on the other hand can add stress and makes you more irritable as you go on and solve some of the problems that your business is currently facing. Here are some few tips that will help you organize your office.

Be Specific In Your Storage Spaces

When we are being lazy, we always to tend to put things in some random corner and when the time comes that we need them again, we end up wasting an hour looking for those objects. That hour spent looking could have been spent on working for the actual project. Worst case is that, you will end up acquiring a new one as you are unable to find what you are looking for. If you want to be more productive when working in your office, you should try your best to place things in their designated spot so that a few seconds is all it takes to get an item each time you need it.

Purge Items

Purging is difficult for some mums as they tend to become more sentimental when it comes to throwing things. This shouldn’t be the case since your first priority inside an office is productivity and not spending time thinking of memorable moments triggered by some of the objects inside your office. Some mums also love to collect unnecessary things that have already served their purpose such as used pens, scratch papers, boxes and other things that should have been thrown a long time. Set a day each month to purge unnecessary items in your office. If there are things that can still be used but you don’t know when you will use it again, give them to those who can immediately make use of it. Clean your office of trash and only leave items that are necessary in running your business.

Save Space, Go Vertical

If your office is huge, then saving spaces may not be a major concern for you but if your office is small you might want to make the most out of it by going for vertical storage boxes. Place the most important items at chest level then work the way down. You can store the least important items at the top of the storage boxes.

Utilize Labels

Many people underestimate the convenience that labels can offer. If you want to find a specific file, labeled folders will help you find the document right away instead of wasting your time browsing all the contents of all the folders inside a drawer. It will also save you from adding more wrinkles to your forehead.


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