Keeping your employees happy is a good way of promoting growth in your company. The productivity of your company, after all, is dependent to the skills that every employee can offer. But how can you keep your employees happy, avoiding turnovers and bad output?

Let Your Employees Feel Ownership of Their Work

Allowing your employees to take responsibility with the outcome of a project as well as in running the whole process is a good way to establish their sense of importance to the company. Inspiring teams to work on their own without much supervision from you and letting them innovate to produce better results will make them become proud of themselves and will love to do more. You can fuel their energy by giving incentives for their success.

Allow Your Employees to Explore Possibilities

Some employees are afraid to challenge a business process especially if it was drafted by you. Let them discuss the project by themselves and allow them to formulate the process they want, to achieve the objectives so that they can explore all possible options without pressure. Let them make a proposal of the processes they are most comfortable with and then choose what you think is the best solution.  This way, your employees will feel that they are really a part of the company and that their decisions as well as opinions are highly valued and are not wasted.

Save Your Employees from Redundant Tasks

All of us don’t want to do the same thing over and over again. Inputting data the whole day, 6 days a week will make your employees feel bored as well as miserable. It makes them think of new opportunities in other companies. Unhappiness among employees can trigger lower productivity and the quality of your services will surely decline. You can remedy this by allowing a rotation of tasks among employees. A data analyst today can become a technical support the next day if you think they are capable of doing the task. Make a routine that they can follow in swapping tasks which helps improve the overall skills of your employees while keeping them from getting bored.

Inform Your Team of Recent Developments

Informing your team every now and then about the current status of the company, it’s growth in the past months as well as new investments and other possibilities, will keep your employees inspired to do good in their work. It will also make them feel that the company is giving importance to what they have achieved and what they are capable of doing. Knowledge of incoming projects will also help all departments make the necessary preparations.

Treat Your Employees as Adults

If there are issues with your employees, talk to them like how two adults do but be sure to have some reservations since you are the boss after all. Do not embarrass them in front of their colleagues and don’t scold like you are scolding a child. They have pride and an image to protect. If you want to resolve something, you can call for a private talk and address the problem with civility.


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