Being a mum entrepreneur is very challenging. It requires a sound mind and body to produce good results as well as a sense of well-being and security. But most mums find it hard to balance out work, family and health. A lot of mum entrepreneurs spend most of their time focusing too much on their business that they end up compromising their health as well as their family. This could result to unwanted health conditions and issues with their husband and kids. That is why it is your responsibility to make it sure that, despite your busy schedule, you find time for your family as well as in keeping your health at top condition. How do you achieve that? Here are some simple health habits that you can follow that help promote a healthy body as well as a healthy relationship with your loved ones.

Do Some Work out Once In A While

Being a working mum is not an excuse to skip your workout sessions. Although it is one of the biggest hurdles that mums should address, being able to squeeze in a few minutes to do some cardio exercises at home is doable. Try to look for short 10-15minutes workout exercises that produce good results in keeping your shape in check. It also improves your stamina which will surely help you in dealing with your business.

Eat Healthy Foods

As simple as eating vegetables and fruits and some good source of protein are sufficient to ensure that you and your family’s health are not compromised, despite your busy schedule. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid canned ones if possible. Always choose organic over processed goods. If you feel there is a need to buy canned ingredients for your meals, then look for low sodium products. Limit your intake of fatty foods and as much as possible, avoid foods that contain high amount of sugar and processed oils as can it add unwanted fats and bad cholesterol to your body. You should also resist the temptation of drinking carbonated drinks as they contain concentrated amount of sugar which can turn into fats.

Exercise with Your Family

Spending some time exercising with your family not only promotes your health but also develops your relationship with your husband and kids. Plan ahead and set a day each week where you and your family can spend quality time together, having some fun while eating delicious and healthy food. Don’t forget to insert a few minutes of exercise with them. Make it fun and exciting by adding games and even prizes.


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