No matter how busy you’ll be in dealing with all your business-related stuff, a mum entrepreneur will always be a woman in both body and spirit. It comes as no surprise that those who focus and spend too much time on work will end up more worn-out than usual. To keep your lifestyle in check, you also have to embrace regular sports activities may it be indoors or outdoors that you can do during weekends or any free time. Here are some of the best, if not the best, sports activities for entrepreneur mums.

Mountain Bike Riding

As simple as riding your mountain bike and hitting off the road is a sure fire way of developing your much needed stamina as well as keeping your body fit and lean. For starters, doing it around your neighborhood should put your body ready for much challenging tracks such as riding up and down a mountain or joining a bike race. Equipment that you need for mountain biking are a helmet, gloves and some emergency repair kits that can help you whenever there is a puncture in the wheels of your bike. If your kids got small bikes and if your husband is eager to join, then the whole family can do biking together to strengthen the bond as well as share happiness and create memorable moments with each other.

Lawn Tennis

Lawn tennis is a very popular game not only for busy dads but also working mums who can only spare a few hours to sweat out. It is also a good way to develop your endurance and helps you shake of some stress. Invite some of your friends to take tennis lessons and weekend tournaments. You can also ask your husband to pair up with you so that both of you can enjoy the benefits.


Swimming is one of the best sports out there. Immersing your whole body in the water is a good way to recover from stress and performing some lapse will reap many benefits for your cardiovascular health.  If you do it in open water, such as the sea, it will not only increase your stamina but strengthen your immune system as well. This is because sea water is known for having some medicinal properties that can help treat skin problems as well as muscle and joint pains.


If you are good at biking, running and swimming, joining a triathlon is probably the best choice. Although triathlon competitions are not available most of the time, signing up when an opportunity comes is a great idea.


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