Pre-owned items are never popular to most of us and the idea of buying one is not commonly talked about in the public. However, despite all the negative perceptions, you will be surprised that many people are buying consigned items whether publicly or secretly, practically by those who are not ashamed to buy used stuff. With the economic crisis that hit us in the past years, buying pre-owned, high quality, items at less than 50% of the original price is worth it. This is one of the reasons why consignment shops are becoming a popular startup business for those who lack principal to establish a bigger enterprise.

Prospect Partners are Key

Setting up a second-hand goods shop is pretty easy as it doesn’t require you to loan a huge amount of money to set it up. What you need are people who are willing to let you sell their items without having you to pay them before the items are sold. You can look for them by utilizing online ads and social media. Offer them a great deal that will benefit you both. Assure them that they won’t have to worry on how their items are being sold and that every other thing needed will be taken care by you. They will only have to produce the items to be sold. Profits are usually split into 50-50 or sometimes 60-40 which mostly favors the owner of the shop since they are the one who made the effort to sell the items.

Study Your Market and Products

Choosing the place to setup your second-hand goods shop is the hardest since it affects how many people will go to your place and buy. If you are selling items that make people quite embarrassed to buy in the presence of a huge crowd, such as lingerie items, then picking a discreet location that is still very accessible is a good idea. If you think you can sell your goods, without worrying  about the hesitation of your target market, then you should pick a place where a huge crowd of people pass by every day.  You also need a place that is clean with a pleasant atmosphere.  A dusty place combined with the thought that the products are already pre-owned can discourage potential buyers to purchase an item. Make the place look fashionable and try to change displays every now and then to make it look fresh always.


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