Every mum has their own preference when it comes to beverages. Some like alcoholic beverages while others prefer carbonated drinks. Most hyper mums like energy drinks while some just want to enjoy a sip of hot chocolate milk or fruit shake to lighten the mood. But when it comes to entrepreneurs, coffee and tea are some of the most prevalent drinks with debatable health benefits. This makes us wonder, what is better for your health? Is it coffee? Or is it Tea?


According to some legends, the discovery of tea was accidental. An emperor in China was trying to boil water under a tree when some of the leaves of the tree fell off into the water. He was surprised with the taste after drinking the water and shared his experience to his constituents. It then became popular throughout the region as scholars and priests spread the idea of boiling tea leaves.

The discovery of coffee on the other hand, was also attributed to a legend about a goatherd in the Ethiopian highlands, who noticed his goats to be acting strangely after eating some berries from a tree. He tried to derive a drink out of the berries and shared his experience to monks and monasteries. The use of coffee spread to the Arabian Peninsula and remained to be an eastern drink until the 17th century where it started to spread throughout Europe.


Both tea and coffee have health benefits but the accuracy of what really are the benefits is difficult to accurately determine. A lot of studies have already been conducted for both tea and coffee and the results are surprising. Both beverages contain caffeine which is considered as the most widely consumed psychoactive drug. It stimulates your nervous system preventing drowsiness and offers some sort of jolt to your body making you feel more energetic.

There are studies that suggest that coffee can help prevent Alzheimer’s or even ward off type 2 diabetes. It also contains a higher concentration of caffeine that tea. Because of this, coffee is sometimes used in some medicinal purposes such as helping people with asthma in relaxing their lungs’ airways. It also helps in reducing the symptoms of migraine for some people and even help in alleviating hangovers.

Tea on the other hand, contains loads of anti-oxidants which is very good for health conscious people. It contains polyphenol compounds that help prevent certain types of diseases and wards off cancer. Some also find tea to have some rejuvenating properties which is sought by mums who want to look younger and healthier. It also contains free radicals that help protect cellular damage.

Considering all the benefits that both beverages can offer, we can conclude that they are both beneficial in their own ways. If you just want a quick surge of energy, coffee will be your best friend but for long term benefits, drinking tea every day is the best choice.



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