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Coffee or Tea: Which Drink is Best for Working Mums?

Every mum has their own preference when it comes to beverages. Some like alcoholic beverages while others prefer carbonated drinks. Most hyper mums like energy drinks while some just want to enjoy a sip of hot chocolate milk or fruit shake to lighten the mood. But when it comes to entrepreneurs, coffee and tea...

Possible Causes of Depression among Working Mums

Depression is a serious psychological condition that makes a person feel hopeless and sometimes pathetic. It can result to mood swings that can affect how you handle your business as well as your relationship towards your loved ones.  Depression is a common condition among entrepreneur mums and not all are able to cope up...

Stress Symptoms That Working Mums Should Be Aware Of

Stress has really become a major concern for working mums and it really affects how you handle every situation.  There are so many things that can cause stress such as working for longer period than what is necessary, trying to commit to too many roles, drop in sales and some employee-related problems. Once you...

Highly Recommended Healthy Drinks for Working Mums

As a working mum, it is your responsibility to always prioritize your health more than your work load. An unhealthy entrepreneur can produce poor results and make wrong decisions which can affect both your business as well as your family. That is why  the value of eating and drinking the right food and beverages...

Three Simple Lifestyle Habits to Help You Stay Fit

Many mum entrepreneurs lack the time to spend for exercises to make their body fit and healthy. This can result to unwanted health risks later on. That can be avoided though by following these three simple lifestyle habits that you can adopt which minimize health risks associated with entrepreneurship. Eat Well Eating well is imperative knowing...

Health Practices That Every Mum Entrepreneur Should Embrace

Being a mum entrepreneur is very challenging. It requires a sound mind and body to produce good results as well as a sense of well-being and security. But most mums find it hard to balance out work, family and health. A lot of mum entrepreneurs spend most of their time focusing too much on...

Excellent Sports for Biz Mums

No matter how busy you'll be in dealing with all your business-related stuff, a mum entrepreneur will always be a woman in both body and spirit. It comes as no surprise that those who focus and spend too much time on work will end up more worn-out than usual. To keep your lifestyle in...


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