As a mum entrepreneur, there’s no shame in admitting that business trips are love-hate situations that call for some serious decision-making.  Business trips are unavoidable events that are held to expand networks, build connections and hone skills between business-minded individuals. We all see this as a window to new opportunities making it an important stepping stone towards achieving that goal of business success. However, when it comes to business mums, there’s always that dilemma of whether it’s right to leave your family and travel someplace else for  a couple of days or weeks knowing that you are ultimately what your whole household needs. If you have a toddler or a little child at home, then that only makes you anxious even more. Although your partner or other family members are reliable enough to take your place for the time being, that feeling of guilt won’t go away easily. In order to pursue that business trip of yours with the least amount of worry for your family, here are the most effective ways to deal with it.

Fight Loneliness with a Special Chaperon

A good way to beat loneliness in business trips is to bring a companion with you, and toys belonging to your kid will work most of the time. Stuffed toys, dolls, and the likes can easily fit into your luggage and you can carry them in places where it’s nice to take a photo or two. Send those pictures to your kids and you’ll see how it can make them very happy as they feel somehow a part of that trip of yours.

Excite Your Kids with Future ‘Make-Up’ Plans

Be a more proactive mum by sharing your kids some nice family outing plan or any fun activity that you can do when you return home. There’s no use to count down the days that you’re away since it will only make your anxiety and guilt grow. Make sure that your plan will be a blast in order to make up for the lost time which you could have spent with them.

Always Keep In Touch

Another win-win method and probably the most important thing to do is to always keep in touch with your family. Sending text messages to update them about your present location and what you’re currently doing will help ease the worries and longing. There are also a lot of convenient software that you can use to do video chatting with them as long as you have a reliable internet connection and device.


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