There are many bad habits that young mum entrepreneurs are committing on a daily basis. It affects how they run their business and defines its future. Bad habits influence our way of thinking which can result to bad decisions. It can ruin both your business as well as your relationship with your family. That is why we should always do our best to do what is right. Here are some bad habits that you should try to avoid.

Harboring too much roles

Many mum entrepreneurs, especially the new ones, wanted to do everything by themselves. There are so many reasons for these, such as lack of financial capabilities, unavailability of professional workers and the lack of trust towards newly hired employees. Your business will never stand a chance of growing into something big if you do not know how to designate roles to your employees. If you are financially incapable of hiring a staff then you can always ask members of your family or acquaintances to help you make a jump-start by volunteering on different works and once you have saved enough to start hiring people, then do not hesitate to do so especially if it helps ease the stress that you are getting in managing your business.


There are some new entrepreneurs that tend to lack trust towards their employees. Even after assigning someone to manage a specific area in the business, they still feel restless thinking that the job might not be done correctly. They thought that something bad might happen if they are not there supervising the tasks themselves. This is clearly not a good thing especially if your business is growing. The amount of stress it gives you builds up overtime and it will break you. Learn how to trust your employees and assign someone in each area who is very capable of supervising who also have good management skills.

Working Only For Money

Although the main reason we start our own business is for us to find a good source of income to provide us with financial support, it shouldn’t be all that. A business should be driven with passion and that you should be enjoying the whole process. Never start a business just for the sake of earning huge amount of money. Your business will end up in pieces if you are not having fun and decision making will be affected by the huge amount of stress it is giving you.

Becoming Too Reliant on Friends

Asking for help once in a while is not a bad thing, especially if your friend is willing to help. However, doing it always is not a good idea. You will be seen as someone who takes advantage of people nice to you. Your friends will try to avoid you in the future. When the time comes when you seriously need a hand, there will be no help to be found.

Mixing Work and Family

Work and Family are two different things. If you are at work, focus all your energy in making the right decisions to make your business grow and don’t let family matters upset you. The same thing can be said when you are with your family. Spend quality time with your partner and your kids. Don’t let work destroy your relationship with your family. After all, you are doing all those work to improve the lives of your loved ones.


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