As much as some women want to be home with their kids, many fear that a total immersion means the loss of their own identities. Having a business is an opportunity to remain engaged in the adult working world while still being available to your children. With a foot in both camps, mum entrepreneur can provide the perfect middle ground.
Being self-employed allows you to create your own schedule, be flexible and even care for your children. There are a growing number of entrepreneurial stay-at-home moms who have successfully started their own home-based businesses. An entrepreneur is not just a working mom, she is someone who starts and assumes the risk for her own business. Becoming your own boss is challenging, so you must be task-oriented, organized and good with time management. We know that moms are starting businesses in droves, but what is it about Mum Entrepreneur that makes entrepreneurship such a compelling choice? What we believe is that your motivations only need to work for you, that is why we help Mums to make difficult choices that will help to sustain their family and career.
As children require less of your time, you can work on expanding your business. We help Mums to achieve balance personally and professionally
Ultimately, the reasons women opt to juggle motherhood and business are as varied as the women themselves. Many women tell us that they started their businesses in order to fulfill a passion, or because they had a great idea, or because they just wanted to work for themselves. In all cases, these women have used Mum Entrepreneur as an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.
Listen to what the industry “experts” preach as the gospel and do the opposite. Use your head, but always follow your gut. When you’re bold enough to blaze your own trail, you create not only a product—but a story. A story is what transforms an ordinary company into the extraordinary. this is the type of motivations we give our readers, we always advice Mums on the importance of self development, you must go the “extra” mile. Never settle for being yet another faceless Mum,
When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot. Often you can pick out a new entrepreneur based on ‘the glow. That glow comes from the excited optimism, the thrill of seeking new information and the constant flurry of marketing. All new entrepreneurs need to ‘bottle’ that glow and keep it nurtured over the long haul. The e-courses that we offer at Mum entrepreneur will help sustain your dream and hope as an Entrepreneur like No other.

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