If you are one of those mums who enjoy sewing and artistic enough to create elegant clothing patterns then why not start your very own tailoring shop and make a living out of it. Services that a tailoring shop can offer range from simple repairs to crafting a whole dress or gown for different occasions. If you are interested then here is a list of steps that you can follow.


Planning is a vital part in venturing into almost everything. Without a solid plan, your objectives won’t be met with favorable results and the whole project will crumble. Set your objectives and make a list of what services you are planning to offer. Are you capable of creating a whole dress? Then by all means put that into consideration in setting up your shop. Check prices for sewing machines and other sewing materials and equipment. You will also need to check prices for a computer that you can use to assist you in keeping track of all things.

Register Your Business

After you have come up with all the necessary plans, you can start registering your business. Get all the requirements for you to get a business license. It is also good to start processing a business insurance to help you if problem arises. A well-prepared tailoring business is both legally and financially capable of continuing operation.

Set Up Your Shop

Now that all the paper works are done, you can now start creating your own shop. Make sure that the location is accessible to many people. Make the interior design elegant and fashionable. This is where you will spend most of the time running your business and it will also serve as your shop’s first impression towards potential customers. Buy all the necessary equipment that is in your list such as sewing machines, needles, threads and other needed supplies. If you lack the funds, then you can always op for second-hand sewing machines that are still in good shape. You can always buy a better one once you have earned enough. You can also buy ready-made patterns that you can use in crafting dresses. A computer unit is also very useful so don’t forget to get one.


Now that the internet has become an important part of the common masses, advertising has never been this easy. Post announcements and details on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to let people know the services you are offering. Post promos and discounted services that the people will love to help your business grow.


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