Technology has come so far that it has become an important part of our lives as well as in running our business. As an entrepreneur mum, it is always a good idea to keep yourself updated with the latest gadgets that can help in running your business much easier. It’s a big no-no to stay traditional in your approach with every business undertaking because you might just find yourself stuck in a bottleneck every time. Here are some of the techie stuff that every entrepreneur mum should have in her home or office.

  1. Ultra-Light Laptop Chargers

Bulky laptop chargers are always hard to put in your bag as they take up a lot of space. It is also hard to bring if you are frequently transferring from door to door while carrying your laptop as most chargers are heavy, which is a problem for mums. FINSix and Zolt are now introducing ultra-light laptop chargers that are designed to replace the heavy and bulky chargers for your laptop. It will surely lighten up the load and doesn’t take up much space.

  1. Sentri

Digital clocks are now are now a thing as it offers lots of functionalities aside from telling you the current time. Sentri is not only a digital clock but also a home monitoring device that helps you keep track of the time, humidity, temperature and the quality of air in the area. It also has a built in camera that can serve as a video surveillance. The video feed can be transmitted online allowing you to monitor what is going on inside your house even if you are on a business trip, miles away.

  1. Apple Watch

This digital wrist watch from Apple comes with a lot of functionalities that mum entrepreneurs will love. Aside from its main purpose of telling the time, it can also serve as a fitness tracker that helps measure your workouts and keeps track of your daily activities which encourages you to do healthy routines while working. It also allows you to receive phone calls, text messages and emails. It’s great right? If you love gadgets that make your life easier, then adding this to your collection is a must.

  1. Ipad Pro

When it comes to gadgets, tablets and laptops are two of the most useful ones for your business needs. Apple’s Ipad Pro offers lots of functionalities that every entrepreneur can use in running their business such as browsing the internet, receiving online calls, getting social media updates, receiving emails and a lot more. It also offers easy access to online entertainment such as watching movies, listening to music and games to relieve you from stress while travelling or while taking a break.

  1. Sonos Play:5

If you love to play music in your office then getting the Sonos Play:5 is surely worth the purchase. The smart speaker calibrates itself by analyzing the furnishings and layout of the area allowing you to place it wherever you want without compromising the quality of the sound. It is also good for parties and can be used in conjunction with other Sonos speakers.


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